I haven’t seen you smile in a while
Are you happy here?
Maybe you should spend some time out on your own
Find out what you want to call your home
Call your home

We found each other counting stars in city skies
Finding more with every kiss
You had the blue eyes I had the brown
We talked the best without the sound
Without the sound

Open Roads don’t always go the way they should
A heavenly feeling might turn into something not so good
We went riding all those years in the very same car
Even with the wrong turns we still went far
We went far
And we’ll go far
We’re still counting the same stars

Our World

I saw a somebody that I hadn’t seen in awhile
We started talking about our lives
Then we untied a smile
Cause we’re all working hard at living
Trying to find out what’s real
While they keep on telling us how we should feel

But these are our lives
These are our fears
This is our world
And we can choose to be sincere

The corn is growing along those fields
The green never seems to end
If we keep sewing our seeds in oil
There’ll be nothing left to spend

Our hearts are empty our pockets are full
Our songs are all unsung
Its hard to see when your eyes are blind
To the world you’re really in

But these are our eyes
These are our lips
This is our song
And we can let our voices ring

These are our hearts
These are our hands
This is our world
And we can
Join it together again